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Medina Township seeks answer to erosion near Hood Road

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    Hood Road sits at the top of this steep river bank, which is eroding along the Rocky River in Medina Township.



MEDINA TWP. — Township officials have yet to come up with a solution to keep Hood Road on solid ground.

A section of the road is eroding next to a steep embankment above Rocky River.

Trustees have discussed closing the road; shoring it up; making the road one way with lights to alert motorists to when they could travel, similar to the temporary traffic lights used in construction zones; or moving the road.

At a May trustees meeting, resident David Hood, who said the road was named after his grandfather, told trustees that 33 families live on that road. If it was closed because of safety concerns, “Where are those people going to go?” he asked.

At the trustees meeting Thursday, trustees Ken DeMichael, Mark Radice and Mike Stopa said they are exploring options and looking for suggestions regarding the road.

DeMichael said Medina County engineers advised trustees to look at outside companies and organizations for advice.

One company trustees contacted was the GDP Group, an architectural, engineering and planning firm with offices in Northeast Ohio.

“I got a letter back from the GDP Group … their two recommendations were to shotcrete the wall. They recommended two companies to look for estimates for doing that. That did indicate that is not a permanent fix … Their other alternative approach would be to abandon the existing roadway and shift the road,” Radice said.

Shotcrete involves driving steel rods or steel mesh into the surface in question and spraying it with concrete. The trustees have contacted a couple companies and are waiting to receive estimates. Radice said that solution would buy a few years but is not a permanent fix.

Trustees also contacted the Army Corps of Engineers, which lacked funds to handle such a project.

However, the corps would be able to provide permits needed to work in the Rocky River and to help supervise any work.

Trustees are continuing to look into permanent solutions for Hood Road and hope that a solution to the problem will be within reach soon.

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